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Professional cleaning service can protect your family from COVID-19

Our response to your COVID-19 concerns

The COVID-19 pandemic has totally changed the definition of cleaning. As a local business and a part of the Corpus Christi community, we actively devote ourselves to build a clean and healthy living environment. Your health and well beings are our priority.

We are continuing to provide the best residential cleaning services to Corpus Christi residents. Here is how we helping ensure your home clean and healthy at each appointment:

  • Each cleaning team is trained and required to wear new disposable gloves during cleaning. They are instructed to change new pairs of gloves when old ones are torn or have visible dirt.

  • Each crew member is required to wear a disposable shoe cover when they enter your house.

  • Each team member is required to appropriately wear masks when conducting cleaning.

  • We have instructed our employees experiencing flu-like symptoms to avoid coming to work. We kindly ask our customers to reschedule their cleaning appointment if they are also experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Duster&Daisy Green Clean Service, LLC

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