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Pricing with No Surprising 

10-15 mins



Straight forward price without paying surprisingly charged service.

You cost $0.00 on cleanser and equipment


The price is adjustable based on your cleaning plan

More cleaning means more saving

Recurring Service Pricing Range

Under 1,200 sqt

1,201 sqt - 2100 sqt

 2101 sqt -  3000 sqt

 3001 sqt -  4000 sqt

 Exceed 4000 sqt

$130.00 - $150.oo
$150.oo - $170.00
$170.oo - $200.00
$200.oo - $230.00
starting from $250.00

***First time cleaning, move in/out cleaning, rental property cleaning, partial cleaning and commercial cleaning services' rates are not listed here.

***We are required by Texas State Law (Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter 0, Rule §3.356) to collect sale tax on the services we provide. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

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