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Pricing with No Surprising 

10-15 mins



Straight forward price without paying surprisingly charged service.

You cost $0.00 on cleanser and equipment


The price is adjustable based on your cleaning plan

More cleaning means more saving

Recurring Service Pricing Range

Under 1,200 sqt

1,201 sqt - 2100 sqt

 2101 sqt -  3000 sqt

 3001 sqt -  4000 sqt

 Exceed 4000 sqt

$130.00 - $150.oo
$150.oo - $170.00
$170.oo - $200.00
$200.oo - $230.00
starting from $250.00

***First time cleaning, move in/out cleaning, rental property cleaning, partial cleaning and commercial cleaning services' rates are not listed here.

***We are required by Texas State Law (Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter 0, Rule §3.356) to collect sale tax on the services we provide. Learn more

  • How much does it cost to clean my house?
    The cost of cleaning depends on the size of your house. In the website, we do provide an estimate of cost, you can refer here. Before you schedule your first extensive deep cleaning, you probably need to schedule a simple 10 minutes estimate. Our representative will give you a quote after the walk-through. Different scale of discounts will be applied when you want to have a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning.
  • How long does it take to clean my house?
    Again, time length may be varied and entirely depends on your house size and complication. Usually, the first deep cleaning takes most of the time. Cleaning professionals become more familiar with your house structure and your cleaning concerns, the total time will be reduced.
  • Is the service contract-based? Am I free to cancel any services?
    Duster&Daisy Green Clean Service, LLC is a performance-based service company. We don't ask clients to sign any contract. You make a payment after the cleaning service is completely delivered. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with our service, you may cancel our service online. We do have an agreement with clients on price, service manual, and cleaning checklist before any service delivered.
  • I want to find someone I trust to clean my house, can I trust you?"
    We deeply understand we cannot expect our clients' trust, but we need to earn it. Regarding the business entity, the company is properly registered within the state as a limited liability company, and it is also properly insured by Hicox Insurance Compnay Inc. If you want to request a copy of insurance proof, we are always happy to provide you that! Each employee is vetted and has passed a criminal background by a third party company. Every time we clean your house, the cleaning crew is on-time, ready, and uniformed. Cleaning quality is monitored by the supervisor. You are free to leave us feedback at any time. The re-clean window is open 24 hours after the cleaning is done.
  • How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment?
    After you book an appointment with us, you will receive a confirmation text/email message including the date and time. The message also includes the button that you can click to reschedule or cancel appointment. You are encouraged to communicate with us before you reschedule or cancel the appointment. The whole process is hassle-free.
  • Do you take any precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak?
    Yes, we do! Your health and our employees' health are paramount. We have developed a serial of actions to address your COVID-19 concerns, please refer to here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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