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Cleaning Time

Dress Code

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is an extension of the company brand. We sell cleaning service, so it is important to look like we believe in cleanliness and order. This includes showering before work, brushing your teeth, grooming your hair/beard, deodorant, etc.


Clean hair is pulled back. This prevents fly-away hairs from being left at the client's homes while we are working. Please use tools or products to keep hair in place all day. 

Beauty Products
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A professional, consistent look is part of our company brand at Duster&Daisy Green Clean Service.
Clean, non-stained, wrinkle-free clothing that is modest when bending and moving is the look we are going for.

Long/short sleeves shirts

Comfortable closed toes and heels sneakers/Crocs

Full-length pants/leggings

Knee length Leggings/ relaxed fit cargo

Yellow T-Shirt
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