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Dust Mites Intervention and House Cleaning

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Since scientists had discovered dust mite is the major source of allergen in house dust, it has been over 50 years. Dust mites are still a key contributor to asthma in many parts of the world. Chronic exposure to small numbers of relatively large particles of the dust mite may result in airway inflammation.

We had seen some clients having allergy and respiratory concerns over home cleaning. Home cleaning is a process of removing the allergenic source from the environment. For achieving this, cleaning service providers need to strictly adhere to sanitizing protocol when clean microfiber cloths, dusters, and vacuum.

It is impossible to keep home completely dust-free, but a professional house cleaning process can effectively eliminate the source.

There are several areas we focus on when cleaning:

  1. Ceiling fans: as you can imagine, ceiling fans collect dust. Ceiling fans are inaccessible, out of your sight and mind. Therefore, few people clean it often. However, when you open it, all the dust including dust mites will drop on your sofa, floor, mattress, desks, table, remote, window sill, etc.

  2. Mattress and pillow: overtime, hair, dead skin cells, and sweat build up on the mattress and pillows. Those are the excellent food sources for dust mites to live on.

  3. Carpet: it is so obvious that carpet can easily trap and contain pet dander human dead skin and hair, debris, and dirt. All vacuum cleaners serve the same essential purpose: to remove debris. But not all vacuums are functioned equally. Some vacuums released the tiny particles and allergens you are trying to remove back into the air. When you look for a qualified vacuum that can trap the dust into the tank without blowing it out again, you want to but CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®.

Duster&Daisy Green Clean Service provides the top-to-bottom allergen remove service without charging you extra dollars. Ceiling fans and carpet cleaning are included in our deep cleaning and general cleaning plans. When we select cleaning products and vacuum, we want to choose CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® first. If you want to have a mattress + pillow dust mite clean, please feel free to contact us for the quote.

Minimizing dust mites is a way to improve home air quality. Regular high-quality home cleaning is the only way to eliminate dust mites.

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