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When I Say Green Cleaning, What Do I Mean?

Many people tend to think stronger chemical means stronger cleaning power. In fact, nothing indicates a clean house more than a complete absence of odor other than fresh flowers or food cooking. By using cleansers that contain strong ingredients, you may not only damage the surface you are cleaning but polluting the air inside your house as well as the planet.

You eventually decide to buy healthier cleansers, but how to choose among numerous brands including similar terms, such as "environmentally friendly", "natural" and "biodegradable"? Here are some indicators you can bring with you when you shop cleansers:

  1. Cleansers disclose a full list of ingredients. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed a list of hazardous ingredients in an all-purpose cleanser: ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite, and trisodium phosphate.

  2. Cleansers labeled specific claims. The claim has very a wide definition is meaningless. You may want to choose the product that has a specified claim, such as "100% plant-based ingredient", instead of simply labeled "natural".

After managed cleaning service business three years, we have screened most of the cleanser brands in the market and have concluded that the most effective and natural way to clean is to use the most inexpensive "stuff" that we commonly use, eat and touch on a daily basis, including warm water, baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar.

Baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar

Those elements may never become the main character when we cook or eat, but they are very powerful when applying to clean. Besides green cleansers are editable within our service, the equipment we are using in business and recommend to utilize in your household cleaning is high standard.

Always try the least-toxic products first before moving to something stronger. This is the philosophy we firmly believe in when doing cleaning services for our clients. We also recommend you adopt the same thought when doing your home cleaning.

Cleaning is never a small thing to care about. It closely associates with you, your families, and even pets' daily living environment. Everything they touch, smell, and eat has something to do with cleaning.

Choosing green cleaning is not only a way to clean an environment, but to better take care of your family.

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